Using Replace Links to Update your Maitreya Lara Body (hint: this works with ALL linked objects)

Open your new product – In this case the updated Maitreya Lara Body v5.1
Copy the objects that you want to replace into whatever folder you usually store that object in. This is optional, but it is good inventory management. I copied the Lara Body 5.1 HUD and Lara Body V.1 into the folder where I normally keep the V5.0 body and hud.
RIGHT CLICK the object you want to REPLACE and choose “Replace Links” from the menu. The Replace Inventory Links will open.
Left Click and DRAG the object you want to replace the old one with into the NEW box.
Tough the START button in the bottom right of the dialog box and wait.
Once the Dialog tells that that it’s finished and that the links are replaced, you are DONE! You can move or delete the old objects.