The FireStorm Outfit/Appearance Tab

Firestorm Appearance Tab
I like having multiple body sets for different uses or looks!
Going to a laggy event? Remove my regular body and change to an unscripted body.
Going shopping? Replace my entire outfit for an Invisible one!
Popping over to the RP sim? Change your ‘human’ body for a fantasy body without stripping naked.
Easily apply or remove sets of HUDs!
Finished dressing for the day? Just remove the Dressing Huds ‘outfit’ from what I’m currently wearing.
Need to add the collection of HUDS I use for Riding or RP? Just quickly ADD the ‘outfit’ for those HUDS!
Add or Remove accessories easily.
How about pairing a particular Hat with a Hair that fits it well?
Add or Remove an Outfit of clothes without changing the body you are wearing.
No more saving the same outfit with EACH body you enjoy!
Save the clothes separately so that you can wear the same outfit with whichever body/head combo you like!
*Note: if you enjoy using different body brands, you need to save the clothes for each brand separately.

By learning how to use the links inside the Outfit folders, you can create a powerful, fast Wardrobe tool that allows you to make quick changes to your clothes, body parts and attachments like HUDS, accessories and hair without using RLV or separate web based systems.

Each Outfit folder contains LINKS to an object somewhere in Inventory that you want to ADD or REMOVE as a set. Notice that the Dressing HUDs set only contains the HUDS that I want to add or remove when I need them. If it contained the body parts, those body parts would come off when I removed the HUDS.

Part 1: Saving a Body/Head/Skin Set (Base Bodies)

The Appearance/Outfit Tab is a powerful tool to use for dressing, undressing and managing your avatar. Most people use the function by saving an entire ‘outfit’ including body, hair, clothes and huds and with each outfit change, must replace every single part and attachment in that outfit. There are MUCH more flexible and useful ways to arrange these folders! In the next tutorials, I’d like to show you ways to manage multiple body configurations, HUD groups and individual clothes outfits or single attachments like Hats or Hairs.

First, let’s look at how to save body configurations so that you can easily choose a mesh body, mesh head, or skin to wear quickly and easily.
Since the Outfit tool can find inventory items from anywhere in the Inventory, I’m going to use the default folders such as Body Parts and Clothes for these examples.
As you can see, On this account I enjoy having quite a few different body configurations including Male, Female and Toddler. For this example, I’m going to use the Female Maitreya body and Catwa Head.

BUILD THE BODY SET: As I build this particular avatar body configuration set, I will copy each part into a folder within a system that is meaningful to me. In this case, I have filed the “Current” body, head and Skins/Appliers in a folder near the original files. You can see how these are organized in my inventory on the right. Use a filing method that is meaningful to you!
On the Left you can see the Outfit/Appearance tab open to the Wearing tab. In it I can easily identify exactly what parts I’m wearing, the order they are applied (this is important with BOM system layers) and the complexity that each part adds to my total complexity – which can also be seen at the bottom. Note: this does not reflect the script count, only the rendering cost.

SAVE THE BODY SET AS AN OUTFIT: I am now going to save an Outfit that is ONLY the body/head/Skin configuration for this setup. By saving this body configuration separately, I will in the future, be able to change the body set and clothing or hair or accessories separately.
1. I save an outfit by touching the Save As button at the bottom of the Appearance tab window, then entering a name for the outfit in the dialog box and touch “OK” when I’m finished. I’ll name this one MaitCatwa Kimberly to represent the body and head included.

Navigate to the Outfit Gallery Tab on the Appearance window and you will now see an Icon with a Yellow folder and hanger. Right click on that icon and choose ‘Take a Snapshot’ from the drop down menu (or you may select or upload a photo if you prefer).

When you take a snapshot, it will cost you 10L to upload your image.

You now have an accurate representation of the Body Set saved in this Outfit folder.

I do not want to save the Bra and Panties with this body set because I don’t want to wear them every time I wear the body. Let’s look at how to modify that in inventory

In Inventory, Navigate to the Outfits system Folder and you will find your new saved Outfit named as you designated; in this case MaitCatwa Kimberly. Inside you will see the first item is the picture you just saved for this outfit. Next you will see a list of LINKS to each item in that saved Outfit. NOTE: the outfit folders can ONLY contain links, not original objects.
Left click and Delete each item that you do NOT want to keep inside that outfit folder. I do not want to wear the Lara Mesh Bra, Lara Mesh Panties and Wardrobe HUD every time I wear this body, so I will DELETE these links. Important: this deletes only the Links, NOT the original OBJECT.


Now, when I refresh the outfit by Right Clicking the Icon and ‘Wear-Replace Current Outfit’, the Body Set will be replaced by ONLY the links in the outfit folder in inventory.

Now that I have a Body Set including skin, shape and Makeup, Tattoos or other cosmetics, I can quickly and easily change my entire body without affecting any clothes outfits I might be wearing.

Next – Part 2: Using the links to your advantage.