Better Bakes On Mesh Clothes: Maitreya BoM Add-On Parts

One of the complaints with System Layer clothing has always been that it looks “painted on”. Exactly like that. While I’m not advocating returning to the days of prim skirt parts and glitch pants {shudder}, There is a place for certain articles of clothing that can be worn as system clothes, reducing avatar complexity significantly and wearing ‘layered’ clothes such as leggings and shirt beneath too-revealing outfits. Let’s take a look at two examples: the T-Shirt and Leggings pants.

The Problem
The main problem with the appearance of System Layer clothes can be largely broken into two issues:
1. The quality of the textures used and
2. The way that they hug the body shape too closely giving that ‘painted on’ effect.
To resolve problem #1, all I can suggest is “Don’t buy clothes with crappy textures.” Look for dimensional effects such as wrinkles, shading, seaming details and fabric texture.
To resolve problem #2, Both Slink and Maitreya have provided tools to make the clothes appear to sit on the body more naturally. In the Slink body, this feature is in the Utilities HUD, top section called Appearance. You have 4 toggles: Nipples, Shirt stretch, Smooth panties, Smooth bottom. The appearance is very much like the Maitreya BoM Body Parts which is what I’ll show you here.

The Solution

Within the Maitreya Mesh Body package, you will find two objects:
Maitreya Mesh Body – BoM Add-On Parts and
Maitreya Mesh Body – BoM Add-On Parts HUD
The Parts are worn on the avatar and take on the same skin that is worn on the body, allowing the Parts to blend seamlessly. The HUD is worn on the screen as shown above. Note: I have blacked out the bottom section of the HUD. I’m not addressing it’s functions in this post.

First, wear the system clothing layers you wish to modify. In the photos, I am wearing Pants: alaskametro<3 “Karma” leggings – Supernova 1 and Shirt: alaskametro<3 “Norma” shirt – navy – 04 (top) . Since these articles come as underwear and pant/shirt layers, I can wear them under or over other system layer clothing or mesh clothing if I choose.

  • After wearing your system clothes layer, Add the BoM Body Parts and the Parts HUD from inventory by using Right Click and ‘Add’
  • Touch the buttons on the HUD corresponding to the body area you want to smooth.

Use the Breasts, Nipples and BellyButton buttons to smooth the shirt areas.

Use the Pelvis button to smooth the front and back of the pants areas.

Once the BoM Body Parts object has been set as you want it, remove the HUD, it’s no longer needed.

Hint: You can copy the BoM Body Parts object and place the set copy (after setting it with the HUD) into the folder with the clothes article and then into an Outfit folder.

FINALLY!! Tucked in jeans again!!!

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