Bakes on Mesh in 5 Minutes (and 10 easy steps) Female

Lelutka Erin, Amara Beauty Ivy
1. Start by removing ALL possible parts and attachments. You should be down to
System Shape,
System Skin,
System Brow and
System Eyes.
If you are using the Firestorm Viewer, you will also have the Firestorm Bridge. If you have anything else attached, remove it. Note: RLV attached collars don’t have to be removed.
2. Find the System Skin that you want to be your final skin on your mesh body. Right click the skin in inventory and “Wear”
The final skin is now applied to the SYSTEM default avatar.
3. From the Maitreya Mesh Body Lara 5.0.x package, Right Click and Add:
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.0.x and
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara HUD V5.0.x

For Now.. these are the only parts we are using.
Notice that you are seeing BOTH the system body and the mesh body showing. This is normal.
4. Open the Maitreya HUD and navigate to the SKIN/BASE tab. Touch the BAKES ON MESH button. You will see the preferred skin start applying to the mesh body parts. You are now done with the body preparation. Your mesh body is ready to use, on to the head.
5. From the Lelutka Erin or Nova Head 1.0 package, Right Click and Add:
LeLUTKA.Teeth. 1.0

Notice that by default, both the mesh AND system heads may be showing.
UPDATE: With the latest heads, the mesh defaults to BOM!! You may not need to use the BAKES ON MESH button unless you have previously used an applier and want to return to BOM.
6. Open the Lelutka Hud and touch the white head button to the first tab. Touch the top button that says BAKES ON MESH. You will see the preferred skin apply to the mesh head. Notice that the Mesh eyes AND the system eyes are still showing. Let’s fix that.
7. From the Lelutka folder, wear the
Alpha.Mask (BOM Head/Body, APPLIER Eyes)
you can create your own EYE ALPHA by following the instructions HERE
8. Apply Hairbase and Cosmetic System Tattoo layers by Right Click and Add right from Inventory. To remove a Tattoo Layer, Right Click and Take Off. It’s just that easy!! You can wear a total of 64!! System layers at one time to create the custom look you want.
9. If you find that you need to re-order system layers because one is not showing correctly, Go to the Outfits Button to open the Window, Touch the Wrench Icon in the top of the Window, this will open a page that will give you up and down arrows for each item when you move your cursor over it. Touch the up and down arrows to raise or lower each item as you need to. NOTE: if you wear the system layers in order that you want them to remain, and then SAVE an OUTFIT, the layers will remain in that order whenever you wear that outfit.
10. Wear it Beautifully!
And you are done! From Appliers to full BOM in less time than it takes to actually find all the parts in your inventory!

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