How to make your own Eye/Hair Alpha System Layer.

  • Open your Inventory Window.
  • In the bottom icon bar, touch the + (plus) sign to open the menu.
  • From that list, choose New Clothes.
  • From the new list that opens, choose New Alpha.
  • A new blank Alpha will be created in your inventory.
  • Wear this alpha by Adding it to your avatar. (Right Click the alpha in inventory and choose ‘Add’ from the menu)
  • Once you are wearing the Alpha, Right Click the Alpha again in the inventory and choose ‘Edit’ from the menu.
  • in the Alpha Edit window, place a checkmark (Left Click in the box) of the Eye Alpha texture box as shown above. (you may also want to check Hair Alpha to hide system hair if it shows).
  • Touch “Save As” in the bottom of the window, name the Alpha so that it is meaningful to you.
  • Remove the Alpha you just edited and wear the new Alpha you just created.

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