Ideas for the coming Year!

Something seems fishy…..

So as September comes to a close and we approach the busiest part of the year for choreographers, I’ve been giving thought to my priorities, my interests and my desire to learn new skills.
My Priorities:
* Real Life and Family FIRST
* In SL, I want to feel inspired! Inspired to learn, to grow, to create.
* In SL, I want to experience a ‘vacation’ from my career as a nurse. My work is so rewarding, but it is incredibly intense and emotionally expensive. SL simply cannot be equally as stressful or it has lost it’s purpose completely.
My Interests:
* DANCE! in all it’s forms.
* Teaching and Sharing the skills and the love of Dance, Music and Performing – I truly love helping others to learn the technical skills needed to create what is in their heart, mind and soul! Creative people sometimes have a hard time grasping those nuts and bolts but I love working with people to find a way to help them learn and grow.
* Blogging/Vlogging and creating Tutorial Videos – Very much an extension of the interest above, but I love the creativity that *I* am inspired to use to make those tutorials and classes effective and fun! I think I need more of this than I’m getting at the moment so that needs to be a growth area.
What I want to Learn! – This is always a long list!
* Streaming music and using Streaming software
* Editing my videos – so many tricks both in recording and editing the videos to make them even better!
* I’m going to say this one cautiously… I would like to UNDERSTAND scripting better. I didn’t say I want to be a scripter!! but I want to understand the process better.
* I love BETA testing new products and helping to develop new products
* I’m going to say this one strongly! I want to EXPERIENCE more and be ISOLATED less!


So What do I do about this?
I think putting it out there is a start. Some observations I derive from that might be..
Creating dances is not at the top of my list next year. That’s right… I’ve cut back a lot on new choreo, tons on new sets and I may cut back further next year. Creating dances is really more of a means to learn and practice the new things I’m learning right now. I can honestly say that my desire to create the art has been severely stiffed by the politics, drama and ugliness that seems to periodically plague the dance community. The only way to extricate oneself is to actually extricate oneself. That would speak to the statement above. I don’t like to be so isolated.
I feel like I’ve been really neglecting RL family and interests. I’ve stopped planning social events because I might need to dance on Friday night… or Saturday afternoon… or Sunday evening… or the entire month of October! This is not entirely healthy. Needs to change.
Teaching, on the other hand, gets me out and actively interacting with new people! Problem solving makes me think in new and different ways. Teaching gives me people to go see and support instead of just doing my own thing. Teaching puts me in more contact with creators and thus more product development and promotion and tutorials! hmmmmm I see a theme here.
Blogging and Vlogging really interest me and include a lot of the skills I want to learn and improve. Blogging and Vlogging really are inseparable to me. My blog basically supports my Vlog which includes primarily tutorials.. because that’s what I like to share with people! I just don’t think my life warrants more than 5 minutes of one sided conversation. At least not the part of my real life I want to share. My work is in medicine, so I can share generalities but not specifics and it’s the specifics that make me contemplative. So I like to share what I enjoy; dance, learning new stuff, a bit of specific fashion here and there.

So, without limiting myself with a mandate.. I think this is my credo for the coming year:
Focus on RL FIRST!
Make sure that the time spent in SL is time spend doing things that bring me pleasure, not stress!
Follow through on learning opportunities, blogging/vlogging interests, and go to more shows, more parties and spend time with people who matter!

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