How to Join a Zoom Meeting for Elayn’s Dance Classes

You will receive a notice with the following information:

Join Zoom Meeting
*Note: this number may change with each meeting

If you received the notice by email, there may be phone numbers listed, you don’t need any of those, only the link above.

When you follow that link in your Internet browser, you will come to a window that looks like this.
1. Choose Cancel in the top window (it takes you to a site where you can download the app and open an account. This is not essential.)
2. For fast access today, choose “join from your browser”. This is also easier for networks that run a little slower.
**If you have time and want to download the Zoom App and open an account, it is a free service with great options, but this is your choice, it is NOT required.
Enter your name and touch “Join” (this means to join the meeting, not the website)
Touch the button to join using Computer Audio. A second screen will come up asking you to confirm Computer Audio.
You will now be entering the meeting where you can use the Zoom audio (turn your SL audio off please) and you will be viewing SL through my screen so you can see my edit windows.
In the future we will explore all the other collaborative features Zoom offers us, but for today, join the class and ENJOY!

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