MetaHarper Show Tools UPDATED!

The Videos are starting to roll in as the new and updated MetaHarper Show Tools system rolls out! And the updates and wonderful. The system continues to impress me with the ease and intuitiveness of it’s use, the streamlining of commands and actions, the robust abilities while remaining very low lag. Overall, it’s a great addition to any performers repertoire of tools and toys to make Second Life magic happen.

The first set of videos will address the Basic Tools in the system. Future tutorials will include the Optional Components; The Camera Tools, The Costume HUD, The Special Effects scripts and tools. This one purchase of tools includes SO MUCH to use to create wonderful performances to exercise your deepest creativity!

There will be separate Tutorials and Blog posts about the Choreo HUD (Dancer and a future version – be excited! trust me!) and about the more advanced features and so many fun tips and tricks. BTW… have you SEEN the Animesh Understudy: AKA Cache Bot?

The Core Tools

“newAct” AKA the MST Performance Engine –  This is the brains of a performance. When rezzed on the ground, it looks like a simple triangular prim and contains most of the information about a particular act or stage set. It can include information about which props to rez, which scripted camera settings to use, and which choreographed sequences can be run. It is meant to be renamed something specific to one of your acts.

MST Venue Centerpoint – This is a single prim you rez on the ground to define the general location of your performance area. Typically you rez this in the middle of your stage floor or stage template before using any of the other MST tools. You should rename this with the name of your stage. If you are planning on creating an act for someone else’s theater, you should rename it to match the name they have chosen for their theater’s centerpoint.

MST_mover – This is a square sheet you can rez on the ground. You can have avatars sit on this to ride it in a smooth timed movement path, or link it with objects you wish to move. You should rename this to match the role of the avatar or object you intend to use it to move.

MST Choreo HUD Solo – This is a wearable HUD. You can place it on the ground, copy in your animations, and then pick it up and wear it to arrange the animations into a nice timed sequence to support your acts.

~MST rezTracker – This script can be placed in your stage props to allow them to be rezzed and derezzed quickly.

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