MetaHarper Show Tools and July Classes!

I’m so excited! I finally have my hands on the NEW Beta version of the MetaHarper Show Tools and you guys are gonna LOVE the updates! I’m in the process of filming the VIDEO SERIES which will serve as a tutorial on all the basic and then advanced functions. What is taking so long? I film a function the way I’m accustomed to doing it, and then realize that Arrehn created an even easier way to do it! so back to the camera I go. But fear not, the start of the series is just around the corner.

Be sure you are SUBSCRIBED to the YouTube Channel with Notifications (that’s the Bell) turned on so you don’t miss anything!

I’ll be teaching the MetaHarper (MST) Show Tools in the Summer session of Let’s Dance ! Classes at Dance Queens. Here’s the schedule! Don’t have the MST tools? Don’t Despair. Not only are they incredibly affordable ( $500L for the ENTIRE suite of tools!) but if you are currently a member of a dance troupe that is part of the MST network, you may have access to the Tools Suite for free! Ask your troupe leader if they have a distribution HUB to give you the Tools.
A Maybe note: There “may” be a limited version of the tools available at the classes to learn on while at the DQ classroom. Still an idea….

Keep your eyes and ears out for the July Dance Queens Raffle ! It might help with the class.. just sayin….. 😉

These MST based classes will be an INTRODUCTION to the main parts of this all inclusive system of performance tools. No prior knowlege of Performance Dance or Choreo Tools is required but if you are brand new, please plan some extra time. I always stay for an hour after class to offer individual assistance.
Tuesday July 9, 4pm to 5pm SLT – Intro to the System and Using the Performance Engine to do ALL the STUFF!

Tuesday July 16, 4pm to 5pm SLT – The Dance/Sequence Hud is a one person HUD designed to help you to VERY EASILY build your dance animation sequence. This HUD also serves as a tool to access the other parts of the MST system.

Tuesday July 23, 4pm to 5pm SLT – Setting Up Your Home Practice/Build Area, Making a Venue location template, and Loading the Rezzer

Tuesday July 30, 4pm to 5pm SLT – Using the Movers to create dance Formations and move around the stage area

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