Rules of the Jungle

I choose not to do ‘exotic’ or ‘burlesque’ style dance in SL but the rules really are not too different, just more needed for girls who do. Link to the longer article is attached. Bottom line: you are walking stilettos high into the jungle, know how to deal with tigers or get eaten.


There is no way to sugar coat this. You are walking into an environment where all eyes are on you. Some eyes will be lurking in the shadows and others will be breathing down your neck, staring right into your soul. 

Make your way quietly to the main stage and, within seconds, you’ll realize that the spotlight is really a microscope. You’re looked up and down to the point of examination, from the tip of your toes to the top of your crown; from every tiger stripe and tattoo; to the way your fishnets squeeze and cuff your backside. 

You are indeed on display for the jungle to see. 

In this environment, objectification is to be expected, especially when you’re on all fours twerking in a thong. You may find comfort in the dim red light, but know it doesn’t hide any blemish or imperfection. In reality, the spotlight is glaring and unforgiving. It doesn’t matter if you’re naked or topless, alongside the brass pole, you stand exposed in more ways than one. 

Can you mentally handle the microscope? 

The conversation about life in the jungle continues. The first installment of the 21 laws (The 21 Laws of Surviving a Gentlemen’s Club) dealt with the patron’s agenda. Now, Darius and a select group of smart and savvy dancers have collaborated to examine what it takes to be an exotic dancer. 

The 21 Laws of Being an Exotic Dancer is the sacred text that deals with the intricacies of a racy profession that is based on providing asexual fantasy while being entrenched in a carnal reality. Few jobs (especially legal ones) require you to balance, contrast and merge the following dichotomies: 

Business vs. Pleasure 

Predator vs. Prey 

Lies vs. Truth

Fantasy vs. Reality

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