The MetaHarper Choreo HUD v 4.0.20* PART 1

Elayn introduces the Updated MetaHarper Choreo Hud in this first part of her 2 part series. In this video, she explains how to purchase or update a current hud, how to transfer animations AUTOMATICALLY from any other HUD, How to Invite, Animate and enjoy the HUD with your friends!

MetaHarpers Choreo HUD (Dance Edition) Version 4.0.20
You can quickly explore your animations and create animation sequences. If you’ve used other freestyle dance HUDs in the past, we believe you’ll be blown away by its ease of use and unique fast performance, even in crowded and challenging scenarios where other tools fail.

  • Allows you to browse, search, cache, navigate, and play thousands of animations.
  • Invites up to 80 avatars in the same regions at once to animate with you.
  • Quickly creates sequences of animations that can be saved and played back later.

*Please note: In the time it took to publish the video, there was already an update to 4.0.20! No functional changes that you would notice and you will receive the most recent version when you update.

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