Success with the LiveStream!

So the LiveStream process was a great success… but… I failed to set one of the settings correctly and it didn’t save the audio. Well, as the photo above intimates, Success is a journey, not a destination. Learning is Success! I absolutely WILL be including the LiveStream process in more of my classes but I’ll also learn to set the audio correctly.

Another Success Journey this week is on my YouTube Channel The Studio.
I will be migrating all of the channel content over to a new URL and account on YouTube. I’ve learned a lot more about ‘tubing and realized that the current account limits me in ways I can fix on a new account. Once I get it all set up and ready, I’ll let everyone know in a flurry of activity!! Don’t worry about missing it, I’ll make that pretty difficult. Don’t fear though, I’ll leave the videos where they are for a while and just move everyone over to the new site as new and exciting videos get produced.

Oh, and about that…. BOY! do I have some exciting opportunities coming up in the next months!!! I cant wait to bring these new products/processes/videos/educational opportunities… OH I CANT WAIT TO BE ABLE TO TELL YOU ALL!!!! AAAACCHHH! But I will. hehehe Stay tuned… trust me on this one…

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