The Studio #7 Costume and Fit Folders

Elayn shows you how to create a Fit or Costume folder for outfit copies allowing for fast costume changes and to remove scripts from outfits to reduce lag.
Topics covered in this video:
* Copying Body and Costume parts to create a permanent Outfit folder. Never lose those costume parts in your inventory and have the same Fit when you perform the dance a year from now!
*Removing Scripts from Body, Hair and Clothes to reduce the ‘Script Weight’ of the outfit.
*Use Firestorm Outfit folders along with a parts folder

Style Credits:
Elayn –
Hair: Phoenix- Leticia
Clothes: Meva Hanna Jumper
Elayn (the Alt)-
Hair: Truth – Cinnamon
Dress: Purple Moon – Athena Lights
Shoes: KC Shoes – KIYA Jewels

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