The Studio – #3 Animesh! 3 part series

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Elayn presents a 3 part series introducing Animesh and using Animesh Characters with Spot On dance tools in our dance sets. Elayn uses the ~RE~ Animesh Relay scripts developed by Keith Ringgold to create animesh characters that can dance with us!
Part 1 – What is animesh and how do I activate a mesh to become animesh?
Part 2 – Using Animesh characters with the Spot On Choreography system to move them around the stage.
Part 3 – Using the Performance Director Hud to control the animesh animations to create a dance routine.

~RE~ Animesh Relay
Spot On Choreography Tools
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  1. Loved it, you certainly cleared up a lot of questions that the other dancers and I were having about using Animesh with the spot on system. So appreciate your time and talent in creating this amazing video.

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