The Studio – #2 Recording Animation Sequences – Spot On Smooth Dancer

In this episode, Elayn gives a tutorial on using Spot On Smooth Dancer to record sequences.
I apologize for the many transitions in this video. I had to go back and do some major editing. I learned something new: Keep the video under 15 minutes or YouTube screams at you. So the Barre Hud, the MST Animation Sequence Hud and some other tips and tricks will be in separate videos yet to come.

Spot On Website with detailed product descriptions and Instructions:
Spot On Smooth Dancer Website (Official)
Spot On YouTube Channel

Style Credits:
Jumpsuit: byCrash Full perm mesh-Tight jumpsuit,TMP, Belleza, Slink, Maitreya. IT’S ON SALE! $180L

0:50 Intro to Smooth Dancer
1:20 Loading Animations into the Hud
3:20 Inviting people to the hud
3:50 Caching Animations
4:20 Recording a Sequence
4:30 Opening Notecard and windows
6:40 Recording Steps
7:20 Download Routine to Chat
8:15 Reload Notecard
9:20 Bare Dance Sequence
10:35 Review Steps for Recording
11:40 Timed Sequence Notecard
13:20 Changing the Times in a Notecard manually

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