Art, Dance, Music and “doing it the RIGHT way…”

So this is a bit of an introduction to my philosophy about art and “credentials” or “standards”. Art is so very individual. Can you be an ‘expert’ in Art? Surely you can be skilled in rendering an image, the settings of the perfect photo shot, skillful playing of an instrument or flexibility in movement or composition of a musical masterpiece, but does that make you an expert at ART? My opinion is that it makes you a masterful practitioner. But art doesn’t come from skill alone; it comes from the heart. Frankly, it IS the heart of skill. I have seen plenty of people who have no formal training, no formalized skill, yet they share art from their very heart. Your art may not appeal to me aesthetically or emotionally, but that doesn’t mean it’s not art; it means it’s not my taste in art.¬†Does that mean that art cannot be done WRONG? Well, it can be done without heart. But I have to argue then; is it “ART”? Music played without heart, is music, not necessarily ART.

So my distinction would be ART versus SKILL. My hope is to share the small bit I’ve learned about Skill with those who haven’t yet learned as much as me, so that their Skill can serve as a vehicle for their own ART. Am I an expert? I’m an expert in what I know, I’m a novice at what I don’t know yet. I am an expert at finding solutions to those things I don’t yet know. I can help others to do the same. So I’d call myself an expert at learning and finding resources. Imagine that! I make a living doing EXACTLY that in the medical world! Well, go figure. LOL

So if you EVER come across a person who finds that they need to first impress you with how much they know, how EXPERT they are, how much farther above the rest of the “community” they are.. ask them if they know how to remove an appendix. You’ll find that they, like any other teacher, is an expert in everything they know and a novice in everything they don’t. just like everyone else.

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