The Studio – Video Log #1

Welcome to The Studio! Finally I have the first episode loaded up to YouTube. I’ve been working on this project for a while and I’m happy to introduce everyone to the result.

Episode #1 – Introduction
In this episode, I’m just introducing myself, the Studio space and what sort of topics to expect in the Vlog. My plan is to include Tutorials, Discussions and sometimes just FUN about the Performance Dance World in Second Life. There are so many skills included in building Dances and Dance Sets: Animation sequencing, Choreography, Building skills, Particle and Special Effects, Managing lag and optimizing performance, Costumes and Dance Fashion, Interacting with your audience, working with Images and visuals in a Virtual World.. and then there are all the Gadgets and Tips that just make life easier. I show you around my Dance and Build Studio and offer tips and ideas to create your own special work space to really enjoy the process yourself. Come Join the fun and Let’s Dance!


Style Credits:
Studio: Reign – Tiny Dancer Gacha – STUDIO SKYBOX- #1 RARE
Piano: LISP – Into the Light Piano
Hair: Elvina by Sintiklia
Leotard: Stasha by Jeune by Rowne (Luxebox No longer Available)
Skirt: Tinker Ballet Skirt by Blueberry
Dimensions of the Large Stage Template used in the Video:
Prim Built 14.8m Deep x 12.7m High x 30m Wide

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