This is another of the Core Tools found in the new and UPDATED MetaHarper Show Tools System.
I’m giving this video it’s own page so it doesn’t get lost in the tools that are more directed at the stage set itself. This little guy deserves a page of it’s own! I’m also including the direct link to the MetaHarper instruction page for the Choreo HUD – Dancer/Director Edition. Not only is that HUD also a truly valuable tool, but the instructions are the same and well written.
I have found this HUD to be a real benefit in building my animation sequences. I love that I can make alterations in the timeline on the fly without fiddling with Notecards or reloading the HUD constantly. It may not be the only HUD I use, but it’s become a very valued tool in my arsenal. I hope you all find it helpful as well!

Live Streaming Dance Classes!

Have you ever attended a class to learn to use a tool such as Spot On Choreography Designer, or building where the edit screen is a big part of the process but you can’t see the instructor’s edit screen! How frustrating is that? Well, I’d like to offer a solution! I am going to be offering a limited selection of classes which will SIMULCAST in Second Life and Live YouTube Stream! * Now you can see the instructor’s screen live and the class may also be recorded to refer back to later! What a great opportunity!

The first class offering for this new platform will be:

Support Dancers: What you need to know !
Monday May 20 @ 4pm SLT
This class will cover :
-What is expected of Support (Backup) Dancers
-How to prepare Fit Folders and prepare for the show
-Routines to help reduce lag and improve performance of your viewer
-What can you do to be an even more valuable member of the show team!

*Note: you may participate in the class by observing the Live Stream only if you like, however the best experience may be to have the ability to attend the class in SL and use the Live Stream video for your actual participation. I will be using the voice and chat in the live stream feed so that the recording will contain all of the conversation.

The Studio – #3 Backstage Movers

Elayn explains how to make Backstage Movers using the Spot On system of Choreography Tools. Backstage movers rely on the Pos and Rot coordinates to move avi’s BEFORE the stage set is rezzed and are not packed inside the Stage Manager rezzer.
The Studio Blog – style credits and resources:
Worn: Addams “Belen” Mesh JumpSuit & Belt
Hair: Sintiklia Holiday Gacha – Noelle

The Studio – #2 Recording Animation Sequences – Spot On Smooth Dancer

In this episode, Elayn gives a tutorial on using Spot On Smooth Dancer to record sequences.
I apologize for the many transitions in this video. I had to go back and do some major editing. I learned something new: Keep the video under 15 minutes or YouTube screams at you. So the Barre Hud, the MST Animation Sequence Hud and some other tips and tricks will be in separate videos yet to come.

Spot On Website with detailed product descriptions and Instructions:
Spot On Smooth Dancer Website (Official)
Spot On YouTube Channel

Style Credits:
Jumpsuit: byCrash Full perm mesh-Tight jumpsuit,TMP, Belleza, Slink, Maitreya. IT’S ON SALE! $180L

0:50 Intro to Smooth Dancer
1:20 Loading Animations into the Hud
3:20 Inviting people to the hud
3:50 Caching Animations
4:20 Recording a Sequence
4:30 Opening Notecard and windows
6:40 Recording Steps
7:20 Download Routine to Chat
8:15 Reload Notecard
9:20 Bare Dance Sequence
10:35 Review Steps for Recording
11:40 Timed Sequence Notecard
13:20 Changing the Times in a Notecard manually

The Studio Video Blog S1E1 – Introduction

Well FINALLY, I have the first episode of my new video blog up and ready! Can I get a collective YAY!
In the first episode, you’ll find a general introduction to the space we’ll work in and how and why it was created. Honestly, I’ve had so much to learn – and I have so much yet to learn – about recording, editing and producing a Vlog that I didn’t want to get too complicated. But what a great time it is!
In future episodes I’m planning to give tutorials on general dance subjects just as using the Firestorm Viewer to our best advantage, Managing Lag, Costuming and Shopping, and of course, using the Spot On Choreography Tools as well as lots of other Gadgets and Tools found in Second Life.

The Stage templates used in the build box are simple prim built, dimensions are 15m Deep x 13m High x 30m Wide.

Some specifics to this Episode:
Studio Building: Reign – Tiny Dancer Gacha – Studio Skybox
Piano: LISP – Into the Light Piano
Hair: Elvina by Sintiklia
Leotard: Stasha plunge bodysuit by Jeune by Roane (Luxbox)
Skirt: Tinker Set Ballet Skirt by Blueberry
Shoes: Reign – Tiny Dancer Gacha Ballet Flats Plain

Hello World!

I always love that salutation! I have this mental image of the whole world cringing, looking over its collective shoulder and grumbling “Oh geez… what is she doing NOW?!”  Well, THIS (imagine me pirouetting in place with my arms open) is what I’m doing now. “What the hell is THIS?” you might ask. So let me tell you ….

I have always been a person to jump headfirst into anything that catches my interest. If I like it, I tend to stay and wallow around in it for a while until something else becomes more satisfying.