A little bit about Me….

My name on SL is Elayn (Resident). Please just call me Elayn. I am a Performance Dance Choreographer and creator. What is “performance dance” you might ask? It’s an art form that includes creating elaborate stage sets, special effects including particles, and meticulously synchronized animations and paths that give the appearance of the avatar dancing to the music that is playing. When done well, belief is suspended allowing you to forget that at the end of the day, we are making cartoons wiggle. 🙂

I perform with some amazing dance troupes around the grid including The Monarchs, The Elysium Cabaret, The Luxe Girls of Elysion, and The Nouvelles Folies as well as guest appearances with other shows now and then.

I also Teach others to create dances so that they can exercise their creativity in their own style! I teach privately and for Dance Queens. Some of the topics I teach include:

*The Spot On Animation and Choreography Tools
*Basic Building Skills
*Basic Texturing Skills
*Creating and Modifying Particle Scripts and Emitters
*Staging and Presentation
*Inventory and Wardrobe Organization
*Lag Management and Prevention

My Vlog Series is called The Studio and offers Tutorials, Dance Reviews and Product Reviews and hopefully in the future some interviews with other Choreographers. It’s amazing how shy some of the most outrageous personalities can be! So join me at The Studio and enjoy the world of Second Life Dance with me!