The Studio – #3 Animesh! 3 part series

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Elayn presents a 3 part series introducing Animesh and using Animesh Characters with Spot On dance tools in our dance sets. Elayn uses the ~RE~ Animesh Relay scripts developed by Keith Ringgold to create animesh characters that can dance with us!
Part 1 – What is animesh and how do I activate a mesh to become animesh?
Part 2 – Using Animesh characters with the Spot On Choreography system to move them around the stage.
Part 3 – Using the Performance Director Hud to control the animesh animations to create a dance routine.

~RE~ Animesh Relay
Spot On Choreography Tools
Skeleton Avatar Full Perm
Wooden Dummy Avatar
Top and pants: Rinka&Me Melissa Sweatshirt & Leggings (Gacha)

The Studio – #3 Backstage Movers

Elayn explains how to make Backstage Movers using the Spot On system of Choreography Tools. Backstage movers rely on the Pos and Rot coordinates to move avi’s BEFORE the stage set is rezzed and are not packed inside the Stage Manager rezzer.
The Studio Blog – style credits and resources:
Worn: Addams “Belen” Mesh JumpSuit & Belt
Hair: Sintiklia Holiday Gacha – Noelle

The Studio – #2 Recording Animation Sequences – Spot On Smooth Dancer

In this episode, Elayn gives a tutorial on using Spot On Smooth Dancer to record sequences.
I apologize for the many transitions in this video. I had to go back and do some major editing. I learned something new: Keep the video under 15 minutes or YouTube screams at you. So the Barre Hud, the MST Animation Sequence Hud and some other tips and tricks will be in separate videos yet to come.

Spot On Website with detailed product descriptions and Instructions:
Spot On Smooth Dancer Website (Official)
Spot On YouTube Channel

Style Credits:
Jumpsuit: byCrash Full perm mesh-Tight jumpsuit,TMP, Belleza, Slink, Maitreya. IT’S ON SALE! $180L

0:50 Intro to Smooth Dancer
1:20 Loading Animations into the Hud
3:20 Inviting people to the hud
3:50 Caching Animations
4:20 Recording a Sequence
4:30 Opening Notecard and windows
6:40 Recording Steps
7:20 Download Routine to Chat
8:15 Reload Notecard
9:20 Bare Dance Sequence
10:35 Review Steps for Recording
11:40 Timed Sequence Notecard
13:20 Changing the Times in a Notecard manually

Self Care: Saying “No”

“I can’t say no,” says Madhavi Dandu, a professor and clinician at the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine. “I’ve always been that way. Most of the time I’ve framed it as: There are a lot of things I want to do. But now that I have two school-age children, everything I do takes away from something else, or makes it impossible to do any one thing really well.”

In addition to teaching, seeing patients, and sitting on faculty committees, Dandu fields queries from trainees seeking guidance. All get a yes. “I received that support,” she says, “so I have to be there for the students.”
Article excerpt from Psychology Today The Hardest Word
By Carlin Flora, published September 5, 2017

Does this sound familiar? It’s all part of Burnout, a phenomenon that responsible, caring , empathetic people are seriously prone to. When we find ourselves doing more and more and more and unable to say “NO” because A. We really WANT to participate B. We really WANT to help and C. We feel that it’s our duty or responsibility to contribute for one reason or another.

This is a situation I personally find myself in on a rather regular basis unfortunately. Now, I say ‘regularly’… I’ve suffered a serious bought of emotional/mental burnout twice in my life requiring a professional to say STOP. I made serious changes in my life and got a little smarter. But that doesn’t mean I don’t run toward the same situation again. I’m still me, and I still do head right that way. But now, I recognize the symptoms earlier and have learned to stop myself before really ruining things and people I love. Burnout affects the emotional, mental and absolutely the PHYSICAL wellbeing of a person. It is destructive to relationships, careers, family and hobbies. Don’t fall for it.

When things start feeling like ‘work’ instead of enjoyment, when you are leaving what you love for what you ‘must’, when you are no longer satisfied with your own productivity because you KNOW it’s not your best, STOP and look at your entire situation. For me, it’s that sense that I know what I’m doing is only half as good as it could be and that means I’m not proud of my accomplishments. The ONLY thing that would stand in that way is taking on too much. Then it’s time to say NO.

*Stop personalizing projects that don’t work. Last night, a class failed with a big ole FLOP. The script that I’ve used a hundred times didn’t work. OK. I didn’t write the script. I could not have foreseen the problem. It wasn’t MY fault. The precept for the class was good, it just didn’t work out. DONT take such things personally. Period. But if I’m stressed and starting down that burnout road.. it WILL hit me personally. Those feelings are a symptom. When it happens, stop and fix what you can, accept what you can’t and own it and laugh at it if at all possible.
*Stop feeling guilty about not saying YES to every request. Set a limit, stick to the limit and know that it’s because you want what you produce to be excellent. Here’s the twist; it’s BECAUSE you put out good work that everyone wants a piece of you. Either decide who you will produce for and stick with it, or rotate who you produce for if that pleases you more. But stick to YOUR personal work limit.

You know, I realize it’s not just me. I had this exact conversation with TWO people this morning. Don’t push yourself until you are physically and emotionally spent. And don’t Apologize for backing away from a situation that isn’t right for you! It’s nothing to apologize for; it’s taking care of you and directing your energies in the right place. We should never expect everyone to do what we do. We should not even WANT everyone to do what we do! You know, it’s so easy for people to assume that if something is fun and exciting, like performance dances, then the best way to enjoy them is to create them. That’s just not always true! If everyone is a choreographer, who is going to be in the audience? Everyone doesn’t have to do the same thing! and sometimes people really do enjoy being a dancer and not a choreo. Choreo’s don’t always enjoy being a dancer! Teaching and mentoring isn’t for everyone. Videography and Photography are n’t everyone’s skills. We don’t all have to do the same thing and maybe we all shouldn’t! imagine that.

The Studio – Video Log #1

Welcome to The Studio! Finally I have the first episode loaded up to YouTube. I’ve been working on this project for a while and I’m happy to introduce everyone to the result.

Episode #1 – Introduction
In this episode, I’m just introducing myself, the Studio space and what sort of topics to expect in the Vlog. My plan is to include Tutorials, Discussions and sometimes just FUN about the Performance Dance World in Second Life. There are so many skills included in building Dances and Dance Sets: Animation sequencing, Choreography, Building skills, Particle and Special Effects, Managing lag and optimizing performance, Costumes and Dance Fashion, Interacting with your audience, working with Images and visuals in a Virtual World.. and then there are all the Gadgets and Tips that just make life easier. I show you around my Dance and Build Studio and offer tips and ideas to create your own special work space to really enjoy the process yourself. Come Join the fun and Let’s Dance!


Style Credits:
Studio: Reign – Tiny Dancer Gacha – STUDIO SKYBOX- #1 RARE
Piano: LISP – Into the Light Piano
Hair: Elvina by Sintiklia
Leotard: Stasha by Jeune by Rowne (Luxebox No longer Available)
Skirt: Tinker Ballet Skirt by Blueberry
Dimensions of the Large Stage Template used in the Video:
Prim Built 14.8m Deep x 12.7m High x 30m Wide

The Studio Video Blog S1E1 – Introduction

Well FINALLY, I have the first episode of my new video blog up and ready! Can I get a collective YAY!
In the first episode, you’ll find a general introduction to the space we’ll work in and how and why it was created. Honestly, I’ve had so much to learn – and I have so much yet to learn – about recording, editing and producing a Vlog that I didn’t want to get too complicated. But what a great time it is!
In future episodes I’m planning to give tutorials on general dance subjects just as using the Firestorm Viewer to our best advantage, Managing Lag, Costuming and Shopping, and of course, using the Spot On Choreography Tools as well as lots of other Gadgets and Tools found in Second Life.

The Stage templates used in the build box are simple prim built, dimensions are 15m Deep x 13m High x 30m Wide.

Some specifics to this Episode:
Studio Building: Reign – Tiny Dancer Gacha – Studio Skybox
Piano: LISP – Into the Light Piano
Hair: Elvina by Sintiklia
Leotard: Stasha plunge bodysuit by Jeune by Roane (Luxbox)
Skirt: Tinker Set Ballet Skirt by Blueberry
Shoes: Reign – Tiny Dancer Gacha Ballet Flats Plain